In the Game Play topic, I explained that noticing how a thought makes me feel and then deciding to keep or change my thought is the essential winning game play in the Game of life. It’s like following the turn instructions given by my GPS to stay on the blue-line path to my destination. It’s like kicking a goal in football. Below are several specific skills to be nurtured to facilitate the winning game play.

     Energy flow can be impeded. Brakes apply resistance against the rotational energy of wheels. Air molecules impede the motion of objects like cars, airplanes, and parachutes. Dams resist the energy flow of rivers. The wires in a toaster and electric range offer so much resistance to the flow of electricity that they glow red as they convert some electrical energy to heat energy.

     Resistance always impedes the flow of energy. My resistance is a major factor affecting my experience of results from THE-FLOW. I’ve learned three processes to minimize my resistance. I am now practicing them to build into skills: Listen to Intuition, decide what I want, stay focused, stay in higher frequency emotions.


     ▸ DECIDE: I choose a decision, and then make it my own best decision by putting all my energy into it, believing in it, going “All In.” I’ve learned when I’m wishy-washy I’m like the guy who kept putting his car in Drive then Reverse, then Drive, then Reverse, back and forth. He got nowhere and dug himself into a hard-to-exit rut.

     I know that thoughts and arguments against my decision are resistance that guarantees I won’t get what I want and won’t be happy. I also know it’s OK to change my mind later to another decision as long as I give my original decision a real opportunity to play out into results first.

     ▸STAY FOCUSED: Resistance also comes from lack-of-focus. The Law of Attraction brings more of what I think about but doesn’t deliver it instantly. This is good because it gives me time to decide if I like a thought that pops into my mind, or to discard it before it attracts more.

     It takes about 17 seconds of focused continued thought on a subject before the Law brings more similar thoughts. When I stay focused on a subject for over a minute, components to deliver the manifestation are gathered and added to my destinations.

     When I stay focused, I notice the manifestations come sooner and move faster. The Law of Attraction is working whether I am focused or not. I’ve found a small effort of focus works miracles. “THE-FLOW follows my intention and my attention. I am decisive and focused.”

▸STAY IN THE HIGHER FREQUENCY EMOTIONS: The emotions above level zero on the emotional scale mean my thoughts are similar to the thoughts of my Divine Inner-Being. When I think thoughts that differ from those of my Inner-Being, I have a lower frequency emotion, a sure sign of resistance to THE-FLOW into my life. As soon as I notice my lower emotion, I climb back up by switching attention to something that feels better. (I still have lots of room for improvement!)






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