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"Increase ANYTHING" Auto-Suggestion Guided Meditation & mini-ebook

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This meditation can be used to increase a skill, a good habit, a relationship, happiness, healthy eating, self confidence, restful sleep, ... virtually anything. It is based on adjusting the set-point (operating parameter) in your subconscious for whatever you desire to change. This process produces seemingly magical results.

  • A mini-ebook contains the instructions. [PDF]
  • A Separate Control chart form provides the place to practice the adjustment before entering into your sacred control center space. [PDF]
  • It is during the hypnotic meditation audio that you will do the increasing. [mp3]

The Master Control Center technique has wide applicability because there is a control for every aspect of your life. You can use the control center process to make adjustments to emotions, food preferences, stress, habits, and skills. Controls are useful for turning down habits that you want to discontinue and for increasing habits that you desire to acquire or strengthen. Controls exist for turning up academic skills, business/professional skills, athletic skills, and social/relationship skills.
When you imagine the specific control for whatever you desire to adjust, you will easily find that control in your Master Control Center and successfully adjust it by using this technique.

The Control Center is at the heart of my weight loss programs. Clients who used the Control Center technique for eating/drinking issues reported:
“I used to drink 5 cokes every day. After turning my coke
control off last week, I only drank one all week.”
--Lou Ann
“I used to eat a platter of French fries and then get a
refill. Now that I turned my French fry control down,
they just don’t taste that great anymore. If my
restaurant food comes with French fries, I eat one or two
and that is all.” --Aaron
“I turned off my wine control because I couldn’t stop
drinking two or more glasses of wine each evening. That
was sabotaging my weight control efforts. After I turned
my wine preference control off, I totally stopped drinking