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Medical Benefits of Hypnosis Confirmed by Studies

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This PDF documents the beneficial effects of hypnosis on over 50 medical ailments. Each ailment is confirmed to benefit from hypnosis through a documented medical study. Each medical study is summarized and the reference to the full medical journal in which it appeared is provided.

The list of ailments that benefit from hypnosis is only a partial list since there are hundreds of additional medical studies that were not researched and included. The purpose of this evidence is to help you open your mind to the possibility of hypnosis assisting you with whatever ails you.

Some of the ailments that hypnosis works for are: Acne, Addiction, Allergy, Alcoholism, Anesthesia for pain, Anesthesia for surgery, Asthma, Auto-Immune disorders, Back pain (chronic), Bleeding (surgery), Boils (furuncles), Breast cancer surgery, Cancer Chemo side effects, Cancer Radiation side effects, Cardiac surgery, Chemotherapy side effects, Childbirth, Constipation (chronic), Dementia, Dermatitis, Eczema (neurodermatitis), Face skin redness (rosacea), Fibromyalgia, Hair loss (alopecia), Hair pulling (trichotillomania), Headaches (chronic), Healing from injury, Healing from surgery, Hemophilia, Herpes, Hives (urticaria), Hypertension, Impotence, Insomnia, Irritable bowel syndrome, Itching (pruritus), Mouth-burning (glossodynia), Neuralgia, Pain suppression, Panic attacks, Peptic ulcers, Phobias, Psoriasis, Psychogenic weakness, Seborrhea, Sedation (for surgery), Skin - dry/scaly (ichthyosis), Skin color loss (vitiligo), Skin discoloration, Smoking cessation, Surgery recovery (all types), Sweating excess (hyperhidrosis), Thyroidectomies, Tinnitus (ringing in ears), Urinary incontinence, Warts (verruca vulgaris), Weight loss, Wound healing