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"Self-Hypnosis for Health & Wellness" Hypnotic Meditation

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This Auto-Suggestion self-hypnosis program has brought transformation to many students of my live classes. I got started in hypnosis when I used self-hypnosis to cure my disabling neuropathy, and then used self-hypnosis s my general anesthesia during a hernia operation. Here is the testimonial of a client about self-hypnosis:

“For ten years, I lived with chronic pain from non-diabetic neuropathy, during which I spent thousands of dollars on every type of alternative therapy including massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic, with no relief. Once I began using the short routine that Duncan teaches, my pain decreased dramatically and I stopped taking 6 Norco (codeine) tablets daily. I am feeling wonderful about getting my life back! My husband and my doctor are both amazed! I tell everyone I meet to go take the class and learn how to help yourself.” –Jane Smolens

The instruction mini-ebook provides the information you should use before you use the audio meditation.