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Tooley-Sixty-Second Pain Relief Protocol PDF

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Your all-powerful mind runs your body

Your mind runs your body. Your mind's "control center" interprets what is happening in your body and sends command signals to your body and to the pain center part of your brain based on historical programming stored in neural memory.

Because pain is an interpretation rather than a reality in itself, the interpretation can be changed. Your brain can turn down the signals it sends, reducing your pain, and even turning it off completely!

The Tooley-60-Second-Pain-Relief-Protocol is a quick mental process proven by hundreds of clients, some of whom have called it "miraculous." Most pain sufferers experience 50% to 90% relief, while many have reported experiencing 100%.

This mind-based protocol is for use on nuisance pain, i.e., pain enduring beyond its informational value. Do not use on new pains of unknown cause. **

The product includes written instructions (pdf) and an audio version (mp3) of the instructions that you can use immediately without any reading.


** Informational pain is your body's indicator that you need to pay attention to something. Nuisance pain is pain that persists after you have done whatever you can to alleviate the cause of the pain, if that can be determined. Chronic back pain and migraine headaches are examples of nuisance pain. (I for more information about the difference between "informational" pain and "nuisance" pain, see this book).