2. YOU, the PLAYER

YOU, the player in Life’s Game, are a marvelous complex of BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT.

►   BODY:

You are clothed with trillions of cells, some with human DNA, others symbiotic single-celled bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Countless sensory neurons throughout your body send information to your brain where billions of neurons, connected to one another by the thousands, send instructions that control your organs and muscles.

While some processes function as if on autopilot, you play the Game with your deliberate thoughts whose neuron firings release chemicals and trigger emotions. The flow of electrochemical signals from neuron to neuron generates a vibrating, radiating electrical aura around you.

The embryo in your mother’s womb was enlivened with an eternal, powerful, all-loving part of the Divine who chose to come explore life on this planet at this time. That Divine Inner-Spirit powers your body with life force and your mind with intuition and inspiration until that part of you will leave your body behind and return to pure Spirit.


Optional: More on origin of your Inner-Spirt in Appendix B. ALL MULTIPLIES


►   MIND:

►MIND: Mind is still an unsolved mystery after centuries of speculations by philosophers about the neural connections between body and Spirit that makes your unique personality with an unclear border between the conscious and subconscious. While habits and most body functions are not conscious, you made the decision to read this book in your conscious mind.

Your life is the flow of thoughts leading to emotions, leading to actions, yielding results. You play Life’s Game in your conscious mind because your decisions about what you will think originate there. Your primary play is deciding to keep or to change a thought. Each choice summons more thoughts that can keep you balanced, or lead to a spiral of joyous UP emotions, or to a whirlpool of unpleasant DOWN emotions.


✓ Your POWER as Life’s PLAYER:       You control the adventure, satisfaction, and fun in your Game by managing your thoughts and emotions.



The eternal part of you that took on flesh to become human is your Inner-Spirit. It is your always-loving, never-judging, piece of the Divine connected to all consciousness, both physical and non-physical, past and present, always finding the easiest way for you to be happy and experience what you desire.

Your Inner-Spirit connects you to everyone who ever lived or still lives, and is your direct communication channel with deceased relatives, with past experts in whatever skill you are practicing, or with anyone you wish to contact Your Inner-Spirit connects you to the spirit part of your living relatives and friends.

Most people have experienced knowing when something happened to someone to whom they were energetically connected. Did you ever get a call from someone just as you were thinking about calling them? That resulted from the communication link between your individual Inner-Spirits.

Your Inner-Spirit is your power source for miracles. Since you are a piece of Divinity, your power is infinite. You can heal your body of any disease and perform whatever miracles you are willing to allow and accept.

 Earthly death is not an ending. Your Inner-Spirit continues as the unchanged pure positive spirit energy that leaves your body at the end of the Game. You rejoin those who have previously lived while still taking an active role in assisting and inspiring those still alive on Earth. You may choose to come here again, or perhaps to somewhere else.


✓ Your SUPERPOWER as Life’s PLAYER: You have a wise, powerful coach within capable of working miracles through you.


Optional: More about your Inner-Spirt in Supplementals B. ALL MULTIPLIES